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Hands touching, community coming together.

Explore your inner world, deepen in relationship, and find true community

Imagine a world where you can create a deep, vulnerable connection with any human, anywhere

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We support you to pivot from conflict to connection

Knowing yourself is the missing ingredient to creating the relationships you crave

We educate humans on how to develop greater social-emotional intelligence through practicing relational mindfulness. Our teachings are based on the methodologies of Authentic Relating, Circling, and T-Group.

Learn to regulate your emotions in community

Strengthen your relational fitness by developing:
Self understanding

Self Understanding

Social awareness

Social Awareness

Responsible decison making

Responsible Decision Making

Self leadership

Self Leadership

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal Skills

"It's nice to meet other like-minded folks who have an interest in going beyond small talk. It's surprising the kinds of connections you can form when folks hold safe spaces for being open and vulnerable."

Tushar G., Manager of Technical Programs at Tesla / MIT Alum

Start deeply connecting with people today

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